Puthoff & Company will work with you to enhance productivity within your company through a soundly structured compensation plan. We’ll design, install, then manage salary and benefit packages with an eye to the compensation of key employees. We’ll help you attract and retain the most qualified employees available.

And then, together, we’ll motivate them to achieve their fullest potential.

Expect a dynamic balance of growth and stability.

Compensation Structure Review and Development

We’ll lay the groundwork for an effective compensation program, a sound pay-for-performance system that arises from our thorough understanding of both job functions in your company and trends in your industry nationwide.

We’ll help you manage base salaries based on a grouping of jobs: jobs with similar responsibilities, jobs with similar employee skill sets and, most particularly, those jobs with strategic importance to your company and its ongoing success.

We’ll ensure a compensation process that is fair, motivating, and overall supportive of solid employee morale.
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