Assurance and Attest

Puthoff & Company’s assurance services come along to help you in your decision-making. We’re looking for reasons to give you, your investor’s and your lenders confidence in the data supporting your every major decision. We will assess in detail the risks confronting your company.

Financial Accountability

We bring you even more peace of mind with our attestation work – a written report based on data well beyond financial statements. We will come to conclusions about the reliability of those statements, perhaps in an Audit or a Review, to assess your accounting records and their accuracy.

Alternatively, we might prepare a Compilation, wherein we gather your accounting records in a predetermined format, but with no verification of the accuracy of the information being presented.

Be assured of our integrity, our resilience, our ongoing intent to serve you to the best of our ability.

Director's Examinations

With Puthoff & Company taking responsibility for your directors’ examinations, you can devote your energy to serving customers, managing your institution and generating income. We seek the greatest value to your bank with procedures that address your questions, your concerns, enabling you then to make any necessary corrective measures and improve the overall operational performance of your bank. We may review your analysis of your reserve for loan loss, analyze your balance sheet and income statements and review year-over-year operations.

We’ll seek out any lax record-keeping. We’ll reconcile subsidiary ledgers.

We’ll help determine the procedures to support financial accountability and assist with obligations for full regulatory compliance.

Fraud Investigation

Puthoff & Company will meld seamlessly with your senior management and your legal counsel, bringing along particular expertise in analyzing complex financial data. Our investigative work will be objective, economical, and timely.

We’ll help you evaluate the implications of fraud, then suggest appropriate remedies to the wrong-doing. We’ll move quickly to find the facts, to recover losses as much as possible, and to mitigate risk.

Together, we’ll seek the truth.

Our goal: resolve the matter with all due speed, at minimal cost, with little or no disruption to your business.

Litigation Support

In those instances where quick resolution of disputes proves impossible, Puthoff & Company can serve litigators with extended, detailed analysis of complex financial and accounting data – followed by efficient, effective communication of our findings. Our technical knowledge, strengthened with industry-specific expertise, leads us to critical roles as advisers, arbitrators, and expert witnesses. Our experience cuts across a breadth of litigation, involving both businesses and individuals and the law firms representing them.

Sometimes, Puthoff & Company comes in a consulting role with a principal responsibility of assessing the financial merits of potential litigation. Naturally, we’ll be there to help in the resolution of disputes outside the courtroom.

We will assist in divorce matters with the evaluation of assets, liabilities and current and deferred taxes along with determinations of fairness while acknowledging current and potential tax events.

Expect us to collect, organize, and analyze the details of every case. And to report those findings with accuracy and integrity.

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