Business Accounting Solutions

We deliver value in big numbers

Puthoff & Company knows that such numbers come from long-term relationships with clients whose profitability is tied to our own. Friendships whose foundation is service, provided by knowledgeable professionals with demonstrated expertise in your industry.

State & Federal Tax Preparation

In the preparation and defense of your tax accounting, you will find us open and accessible, fully receptive to your unique needs. We are proactive and energetic. We are not office accountants.

Assurance & Attest

Assurance services come along to help you in your decision-making. We’re looking for reasons to give you confidence in the data supporting every major financial decision you face.

Estate & Financial Planning

Over the years, we’ve helped so many small businesses perpetuate their assets, extend their legacies, and ensure the fulfillment of their long-term wishes. In the end, we’ll always be there.

Payroll Outsourcing

Give us your payroll processing. In return, we’ll deliver confidentiality, economy, accuracy, and full compliance with ever-changing tax law. Meanwhile, you enjoy running your business.

BIG ideas,
Accomplished face to face

In the formulation of personal and corporate business strategies, the firm emphasizes creativity supported by careful research. We’ll work closely with your attorneys in planning and reporting business transactions.

The Right Accountants Place Time

Historically, Puthoff & Company has served a broad and diverse client base. But in recent years we have developed painstaking expertise in agribusiness, banking, and construction. We will not be educating ourselves at your expense.

Your Business Is Your Own, We'll Keep It That Way

Our practice has been edited to your particular needs. We are prepared to represent you with vigor, professionalism, and extreme privacy.

You have our number.